TENDOKAN Aikido dojo is founded in 1990 by Edward Germanov Sensei as Central Aikido Club. In 1994 it is named Tendokan by Shihan Fumio Toyoda.

It is from were all top BAA instructors has started – Dobromir Drumev Sensei, Danail Prangov Sensei, Yavor Mihaylov Sensei, Nikolai Petkov, Daniel Kyrov, Krasimir Lulchev, etc.

Tendokan dojo has hosted all BAA seminars from 1991 to present. Guest instructors are some of the most famous Aikido names: Shihan Fumio Toyoda, Shihan Yasuo Koayashi, Shihan Suwa, Shihandai Andy Sato, Keath Moore, David Miller, Shihandai Hiroshi Tajiri Sensei, Michele Quaranta Sensei, etc.

Tendokan is from where Martial arts like Muso Shunden Ryu Iaido and Gokor Submission grappling has started.

Tendokan dojo has a long history and strong roots but always looking towards the future because there is meaning only in the constant development and growth.

Today, there are classes every day. Tendokan dojo welcomes children, beginners, advanced, and people from all kinds of age and origin.

Different Aikido in Business seminars and sessions are conducted in Tendokan dojo.

The place is rented for various seminars and events. For more information, please, contact us.

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